DuFor supports the Week of the Circular Economy

12-1-2018: Transition to a Circular Economy
Discover the potential of this concept during the Week of the Circular Economy (15-19 January). The Circular Economy means new opportunities, solutions and innovative applications. A Circular Economy implies reducing waste to a minimum.

Plastics pervade modern life; plastics production has been growing exponentially since the 1960s and is expected to double by 2036. Although there are over 1.000 types of plastic, 90 % of plastics are derived from virgin fossil fuels. In Europe, post-consumer plastic waste is either incinerated with energy recovery (39 %), landfilled (31 %) or recycled (30%).The production and consumption of plastics today offers a series of benefits (in particular low production costs, durability and versatility) but also pose a number of problems (in particular loss of material value as a result of single use and low recycling rates, as well as ill-effects on nature, climate and human health).

Moving the plastics value chain in this Circular direction would mean improving recycling, promoting reuse, and redesigning products, while taking into account the whole life-cycle of products.

Waste as a resource
Using waste as a resource is key to becoming more resource efficient. At the end of their service life, plastics are still too valuable to be simply thrown away. We encourage the use of recycled materials as at the base it will reduce the need for Fossil fuels for plastics. DuFor focusses on developing innovative solutions that are recyclable and made with renewable resources. Textiles, filaments, strapping and also packaging applications present excellent opportunities for the use of recycled materials.

Together with the recycling know-how of our sister company Cumapol we can process rPET flakes into valuable custom made polyesters, and making it again 100% recyclable, therefore contributing to zero landfill waste. These recycled polyesters have at least the same quality, functionality and feel of those produced from virgin polyester.

Today 70% of our R&D activities concentrate on sustainable applications, with a particular focus on bio-based polyesters and recycling. Interested in our custom made sustainable solutions, please contact us! 

Cumapol for instance has a premium partnership with DSM-Niaga. They closely work together on several projects to make any carpet fully circular. Watch te movie below:


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DuFor supports the Sukarèla Dian-darat foundation.

6-12-2017 DuFor supports the Sukarèla Dian-darat foundation.

Dian te Kei Kecil in the South East Maluku Regency is a small village with a couple of hundred inhabitants, which operates completely independently.

The mission of the Foundation is to financially support projects of common good. The parents in this village face many costs of education for their children
such as school uniforms and materials. Without a school uniform the children cannot go to the local primary school. DuFor supports the foundation
and this initiative financially, so the children will have school uniforms and can attend school. This initiative reduces school absenteeism and dropouts.

The next project is to make the local water pump more sustainable and futureproof. The pump is now running on petrol and they want to change it
into an electric pump with a solar system. More information…

 Sukarèla Dian-darat foundation

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DuFor proud sponsor of the Clean2Antarctica expedition

17-10-2017 DuFor proud sponsor of the Clean2Antarctica expedition

At the end of 2018 the Clean2Antarctica team wants to drive up and down 2300km to the South Pole with the Solar Voyager. This vehicle is built from waste plastic and will be 100% solar-powered, autonomously without outside help. It will prove that it is possible to build a car with combined knowledge, purely on solar energy and through clean technology. This first solar expedition team is therefore determined to be the cleanest expedition ever! No waste, no emission!

From PET-Bottles to 5.000 HexCores
The Clean2Antarctica expedition contacted DuFor, because they needed recycled PET material. The recycled PET is used to print the body of the Solar Voyager. This was done on 30 3D printers with filament produced by Innofil3D.

By printing this recycled material in Hexangular (Hexcore) they built a construction that is light, strong and isolated enough to protect the adventurers against extreme weather conditions. Their goal: “Make sustainable business a game!” It is one which calls for patience, perseverance and the strength that comes from really wanting something. The project is a wide cooperation between people, organizations and governments who really want to transform to a circular economy.

Antarctic Convention
Why is there the need to go to the Antarctic region, the cleanest continent in the world? With this clean expedition, attention will be drawn to the Antarctic Convention, which is to be extended in 2048 so that ‘the thermostat of the world’ is preserved for future generations. The goal is a clean earth and a climate, that ensures the earth is and remains more live-able for the next generations to come.

Transition to a circular economy
The adventure in the expedition is a metaphor for the big challenge we as a society are facing; the transition to a circular economy. Just like in the expedition DuFor is exploring new innovations, which  would never have surfaced if we would have stayed in our comfort zone. Cooperation is one of the main aspects in this adventure, explore together and learn from each other. All these experiences will make us stronger and more innovative to create a successful circular economy. DuFor strongly believes in this philosophy and therefore supports this expedition wholeheartedly.

More information:  website of Clean2Antarctica

More information about recycled PET for filament 

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Ultrapolymers new distributor for DuFor in the Benelux region

06-10-2017: Ultrapolymers new distributor for DuFor in the Benelux

In September, DuFor and Ultrapolymers signed an agreement for the distribution of DuFor’s polyester specialties in the Injection Molding market, starting in the Benelux region.

Custom made high quality products
Ultrapolymers is a leading Polymer distributor offering a wide range of commodity and speciality polymers. Allowing them to offer a diverse product portfolio, providing customers with the best solutions for their projects and applications. DuFor develops, produces and supplies custom made, high quality virgin and recycled Thermoplastic Polyesters for demanding applications. Both companies share the same philosophy to provide high quality products combined with expert technical consultation and to build and maintain long term relationships.

Exchanging our joint technical and commercial know-how
Arjen van Kempen Commercial Director of DuFor explains: “This cooperation will allow us to reach more customers in areas where we aren’t well represented yet. We have brought on board a competent partner who will help us to secure an even better position in this special market segment. We’re not just going to use this cooperation as an additional sales channel, but also as a platform for exchanging our joint technical and commercial know-how. We are combining our experience concerning high quality virgin and recycled materials.”

Solutions for demanding Injection Molding applications
Robert Gerressen, Managing Director of Ultrapolymers BV says: ” Thanks to this cooperation, our customers,  especially those in the Benelux, now have access to the innovative DuFor polyester specialties. These innovative products, such as high flow CumaPET L02 100 and L04 100, allow us to offer even more solutions for demanding Injection Molding applications to our customers.”

If you need more information please contact us or  visit the website of Ultrapolymers.

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DuFor and Cumapol investing in expansion of laboratory testing equipment

02-08-2017: Expansion of the testing laboratory
DuFor is constantly investing in its R&D and QC lab facility’s to create innovative polyester products and solutions together with its customers. The expansion of the testing laboratory includes installation of new viscosity and color meters and a quality control database.

Fully automated 
The new color meters are highly accurate and help to ensure that samples fall within specified color tolerances. In addition, the company’s new viscosity meters will detect very small changes in viscosity or melt flow rate of the polyester. These changes in measurement can be used to quickly adapt the parameters in our process. Both meters are fully automated and linked to a new quality control database. This reduces the manual tasks and increases efficiency and quality.

Niels Hoffard , R&D Manager, said, “for our products the viscosity and color measurements are essential properties, these are constantly controlled in our quality process. The investment in the meters and the database underscores our ambition to produce and deliver sustainable, high quality and cost efficient products to the market. We bought the identical viscosity and color meter for our sister company Cumapol in Emmen, so now we have the same quality data that can be directly compared. This reaffirms the vertical integration of our Group. The Cumapol plant is our ‘internal’ trusted partner for producing thermoplastic polyester specialties in line with the various expectations of our customers.”

More accurate testing results
DuFor will now be able to offer more accurate testing results and this will save time in the quality measurement process. With the new equipment, DuFor expects to improve quality and enhance product development and support. Now we can provide our customers with even greater added value.

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K-fair, Düsseldorf, Germany 19-26 October 2016

Our three companies, ACES, Cumapol and DuFor have a combined booth at the K-fair in Düsseldorf this year. We will be happy if you could find the time to visit us in Hall 8A/Booth H10. If you are interested in our products, have questions, need a coffee or just a rest with a glass of Italian wine, you are welcome at our booth.

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