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Applications for monofilaments 

You can find it in industrial wovens, ropes, fishing lines, tennis strings and 3D printing-filaments, these are just some examples of applications for monofilaments. Our raw materials are used in adhesive solutions for a variety of applications.  Some specific properties which can be achieved by using our raw materials are:

  • Excellent resillence

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Improved processability

  • High tenacity

  • Reduced coefficient of friction

  • Improved wearability

  • Dimension stability

Customized solutions
We are able to translate your requirements into the right raw material recipe that is needed. We use our expertise to develop customized applications.

Teamwork and partnership provides the best sustainable solutions. For this reason DuFor is often market leader with our special, high-end polyesters, combined with our customized solutions.

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Monofilaments raw material