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Over the last decennia, most of the standard textile and fiber production moved from Europe to Asia. The remaining industry in Europe focuses on special applications, where possible combined with low cost input, for example recycled or wide spec materials.

Fibers or multifilaments 
At DuFor, we have developed several products to meet this changing demand in Europe. This can be for fibers or multifilaments which require a very high tenacity, adjusted shrinkage, low melt, flame retardancy, improved resilience, addition of recycled content etc.

Some examples of applications are:

    • Industrial fibers
    • Technical yarns
    • Carpet production
    • Binding fiber for non-wovens

    With our experience and knowledge we can offer our customers special customized raw materials.

    Getting to know our customers in order to find a joint solution in combination with our approachable and co-operational attitude is typical for our way of doing business.

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    Fibers raw material