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About Us

Special applications require customized solutions. We offer these solutions by developing customized raw materials combined with a high level of technical support.

We are convinced that in today’s competitive and abruptly changing markets, it is essential to have an open and mutually benificial cooperation between raw material suppliers and their customers. By offering our customers the combination of customized raw materials and technical support, they have the opportunity to be competitive and to introduce innovative products into their markets.

Customized Raw Materials

Using over 40 years of experience in polymer development and processing in a variety of applications, we are able to translate our customers’ requirements into the recipe of the polymer needed. We do this by modifying the polymer structure through adding or changing comonomer content, additives, catalysts, changing the molecular weight (IV), compounding, blending or a combination of the before-mentioned.

Besides virgin specialties, we offer a wide range of recycled materials that are upgraded to serve your specific needs. This offers the opportunity for reuse of otherwise inferior materials, an optimal price / performance combination and, ever more important, saving the environment at the same time.

Technical Support

Our definition of technical support, is to cooperate with our customers on the following topics:

  • Selection of the most suitable raw materials
  • Advising on processing parameters and equipment used
  • Evaluation of end product properties
  • Production of lab scale raw material samples
  • Attending customer trials
  • Offering access to our R&D facility
DuFor is constantly investing in its R&D QC and lab facility’s to create innovative polyester products and solutions together with its customers. Getting to know our customers in order to find a joint solution in combination with our approachable and co-operational attitude is typical for our way of doing business.

ISO 9001:2015 certified

Since March 2016 DuFor is ISO 9001: 2015 certified . An internationally recognized standard that ensures services meet the needs of customers through an effective quality management system. The certification was an important step for DuFor as it further ascertains the company’s commitment to a high-quality, consistent service to our customers and our ongoing investment in technology, development and processes and procedures. 

Our Partners

DuFor is working closely together with the partner companies ACES and Cumapol. Each company has its own expertise and field of activities. But for all of us, customer satisfaction has always been the driving force behind our work. The more intensified cooperation between our companies will allow us to offer a wider range of products. At the same time we can be more flexible and efficient and assure even higher quality of services and products to our customers. The circle logo’s represents our joint forces and are symbolic for the circular economy loop we pursue.

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Corperate Social Responsibility

At DuFor, we are strongly committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Therefore we joined the MVO Nederland network and we sponsor the Sukarèla Dian-darat foundation. Click on the logos below to find more information.

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